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Our Portfolio

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Web and Design Agency ZAVAS has been growing and evolving for 13 years. We offer smart and innovative conceptions for the developement of online marketing, and web based solutions. Our ample portfolio consists of different types of websites - from catalogues and online shops to personalised web apps with full tech support. We have produced systems related to payment, deliveries, and other online services. We devise and help our customers implement marketing strategies for the successful realization and further development of the products we create together. We offer extensive periods of tech support for the projects we actualize.

Web Design and Development

ZAVAS produces modern bespoke and adaptive websites, in line with the latest technology. We can meet the needs of both small and big companies using our advanced knowledge to create what you need - attractive and profitable websites. The solutions we can offer range from online portals and shops to template solutions and general support. Our expertise is comprised of a wide variety of components: clear creative vision, SEO understanding, intuitive content administration, and profound knowledge of digital marketing. ZAVAS aims high!

Consulting and Concept

Our agency can help you crate and grow your online business and position your brand in the competitive market of today with a balanced combination of pragmatism and creativity. The successful conception we will come up with is based on a profound understanding of your goals and needs. We can dress your ideas with practical value, and turn them into profitable online instruments. We will walk with you from the start of your business journey and lend you our vast knowledge and creative power so you can establish a recognizable brand in the online world.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a process aiming to increase the visibility of your website through organic results in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. This kind of optimisation can be applied to both new and existing websites. It is performed on two separate levels - On-Page SEO, which is the optimization of the website structure that is controlled entirely by you, and Off-Page SEO, which deals with external factors playing a crucial role in the positioning of your website.

Marketing and Advertising

The proper targeting and positioning of your webisite are defining factors for the success of your business. Our extensive daily presence in the social networks combined with our up-to-date knowledge of the advertising scene in our country makes us your preferred, reliable, and highly competent consultant regarding your presence in the social networks and Internet in general. ZAVAS offers whole solutions - form the planning to the monitoring of advertising campaigns in the social networks and other platforms, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and so on. We are focused on connecting you with your customers.

Domain, Hosting and Support

The domain name of your website is your address in the virtual world. This is your Internet identity. On the hosting server we will dedicate as much space as it is needed for the perfect functioning of your website in full capacity. ZAVAS offers a service guarantee, full techincal support of the implemented product.

Corporate Identity & Print

Corporate identity is the face of your company. In order to assure the best quality marketing strategy, along with the web-based solutions, we offer the creation of a complete corporate identity design and production. This includes and is not limited to company logos, business cards, fliers, posters, catalogues, etc. We can make your message visible, attractive, and effective by devising a modern and relevent graphic image for you.


Computers Space - 2016 - PlovdivTime.bg
myDesign Award - 2010  - MrsTeryBook.com
Design Firms - 2010 - KissEvents
myDesign Award - 2009  - MrsTeryBook.com
Computers Space - 2007 - Magazine EDNO
New Web Pick - 2008 - MrsTeryBook.com


We have a vast portfolio with more than 260 successfully completed web projects. You can view a selection of them here.

  • Plovdiv Time

    Electronic magazine for art and urban life

  • The Land Group

    World Leader in Land Sales

  • Traffic News

    National news media

  • Ailqk

    Guide to idles people, news media site

  • Traffic SOT

    Company in the field of security

  • Agricultural University Plovdiv

    Official website of Agricultural University of Plovdiv

  • Energy and Ecology

    Online media for energy and ecology

  • HARC

    Capacity Improvement Project for Teachers at the Medical University - Plovdiv

  • IBEX Construction

    World Leader in Construction

  • Plovdiv Peevish Society

    Site of the oldest choral Society in Bulgaria

  • X Point

    International Festival for Music and Extreme Sports

  • East region

    Official website of the East Region - Plovdiv Municipality

  • NuPhICoS

    Nuclear Pharmacy Integration Course Project at the Medical University of Plovdiv

  • Vitrage

    Boutique for mosaics


    Processing and marketing of Bulgarian honey

  • Pharmacies 36.6

    National Chain Pharmacies


    Offroad Sports Club

  • Magazine ONE

    Platform for Contemporary Culture


    National Agency for DJ


These are a small part of the brands we have worked with.

About Us

Our customers and their partners are always pleasantly surprised with our fresh, original, and highly effective solutions, because ZAVAS aims high!

Company History

ZAVAS Web Design Agency was established in 2004 with a clear vision in mind - to offer the highest quality of service to its customers. At the time we already possessed a remarkable experience in the creation of professional technological solutions. We create and support both individual and corporate websites of different level of complexity, as well as big information platforms. Our area of expertise is the planning, development, and administration of websites and other business-relative components.

Creative Process and Project Realization

In all of our projects we observe several mandatory rules: Compliance with the European standards for quality and Focus on the overall impact of the web solutions we create on the customer's business. For this reason, we have developed a smart content management system and we have adopted a four-stage process that we strictly observe in our work.

Accomplishments & Awards

In the many years of our work in the area of web development, we have received a number of awards from renowned Bulgarian and international organization. Here are just a few of them: Computer Space - 2016., Design Grid - 2010., myDesign Award - 2009., Wake UP Gallery - 2008., Art Space 2000 - 2008., New Web Pick - 2008., Computer Space - 2007., Computer Space - 2006. Over the years, these acknowledgements have been a fine complement to the trust and satisfaction of our customers. We take pride in our work and it shows in the success of their business.

Optimal Price Policy

Often we are asked the question: "What is the cost of a website?". Of course, the answer is that prices vary depending on the size of the website, its functionality, design, etc. For example, there is a great difference between a static and a dynamic website. It is our priority to offer the most optimal combination of price and quality for your specific budget.


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